The key to resilience with a career in tech is your network, especially for women and introverts. Here are strategies from the Girl Geek X community for maintaining trajectory of jobs, careers, passion projects, and more.

#1 — Leverage the buddy system

Sukrutha Bhadouria (right) with Angie Chang (left). [Photo credit: Robyn Navarro]

Aerfectionism and learning to move her goal posts at work seems to be a winning combination for Sukrutha Bhadouria, who has been managing high-performing teams at Salesforce for seven years. Recently promoted to Director of Engineering, she welcomed the good news as she eased back into work from taking parental leave.

For the past decade, we have carpooled together to Girl Geek Dinners, from…

Asian Americans are the least likely racial group to be promoted into Silicon Valley’s management and executive levels, even though they are the most likely to be hired into high-tech jobs — reported Harvard Business Review. This followed a study on “The Illusion of Asian Success” analyzing EEOC data on Silicon Valley’s management pipeline.

This summer I said yes — to an “Asian-American Leadership Experience” which opened my eyes to the challenges, strengths & potential for future professional narratives. In my 20-year career thus far, I have experienced countless working situations with mixed emotions, so I was happy to join…

I saw this picture and thought, YES — ok, let’s do this! But I couldn’t find much going on in 2020.. AAPI4BLM campaigns / groups like Letters for Black Lives went quiet years ago, and some are starting back up.

Source: @JustinChon
“The only reason so many of us are here is because of the Immigration Act of 1965. That law rode the wave of the Civil Rights Act of ‘64.” — Patriot Act Netflix Digital Exclusive

Please donate to Black Lives Matter — their Campaign Zero project #8cantwait has actionable steps to ending police violence in YOUR city.

Performative allyship is…

By Angie Chang (Girl Geek X Founder)

In 2019, we’ve hosted 27 Girl Geek Dinners — 60% were located in San Francisco and 40% were located in the Silicon Valley. These dinners were attended by over 4,000 women this year, and we are thrilled to continue to host Girl Geek Dinners for the 12th year in 2020. Missed a dinner? Don’t worry, we have posted videos of talks on YouTube.

Here are the most popular Girl Geek Dinner videos in 2019, ranked by most YouTube views:

#1 — “Scale Your Career With Open Source” Confluent Girl Geek Dinner

Neha Narkhede (Confluent Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder) speaking in video with transcript

#2 — “Thank U, Next: How “Diversity” Gets In The Way Of Gender Equity” Atlassian Girl Geek Dinner

Aubrey Blanche (Atlassian Global Head of Diversity & Belonging) speaking in video with transcript

#3 — “Security First” Palo Alto Networks Girl Geek Dinner

Citlalli Solano (Palo…

Get inspired by these privacy and information security experts who are leading Fortune 100 companies, running health and non-profits, and impacting the field of infosec in 2019.

Dr. Alissa Abdullah, Chief InfoSec Officer, Xerox

Dr. Alissa Abdullah is Xerox’s Chief Information Security Officer. Prior to Xerox, she was Chief Information Security Officer at Stryker. She served as Deputy Chief Information Officer for the White House Executive Office of the President during the Obama administration. She started her career as a Mathematician for an Intelligence Agency — a certified cryptologic engineer at the U.S. Department of Defense. Check out her TechRepublic interview about security innovation.

Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, Vice President of Security Engineering, Mastercard

Love building digital products with amazing user experiences? Product Designers as a job title has blazed a trail in tech for the past decade with the rise of Julie Zhuo (Facebook VP) leading the product design industry.

From Facebook, Lyft, Stitch Fix and more — We look to Product Design leaders at companies of all sizes to find insight in their careers, mapping the rise of Product Design as a modern profession. Lucky for us, many of these leaders share their expertise online and off!

1 — Christine Fernandez, Vice President, Product Design, Stitch Fix

Christine’s Proudest Moment: “There’s so much work that I’m proud of, but my biggest accomplishment is definitely the teams I’ve built over the years, and helping some of the best designers I’ve had the pleasure to work with grow into leaders. Design now has such an important seat at the table — at the executive level, in boardrooms, and shaping the future at the most innovative companies. It’s been quite a journey, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of leading that change.”

Hosting Girl Geek X events in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 11+ years, I still love attending weekly Girl Geek Dinners to visit companies for dinner and learn from lightning talks delivered by women engineers & leaders. When you work at a small company, you don’t have many female leaders to look up to — and everyone needs role models in technology, business, leadership. You can also make friends and connections with fellow girl geeks at these inclusive events. Here are some faces from Xilinx:

Clockwise from left: Jennifer Wong, VP FPGA Product Development, speaking at Xilinx Girl Geek Dinner in 2019; watching demos, hearing lightning talks and being greeted at check-in with Xilinx girl geeks.

When you step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised how…

Don’t miss these amazing technical women speaking on March 8, 2019 (International Women’s Day) at Girl Geek X: Elevate — Get your FREE conference pass here and tune in to the livestream! #ggxelevate

We will be livestreaming 20+ Elevate speakers to the global Girl Geek X community! Get your FREE all-access virtual conference pass at and tune in on Friday, March 8th, 2019 and celebrate International Women’s Day with a viewing party!

Akilah Bolden-Monifa is Senior Vice President at ARISE Global Media and editor-in-chief of Arise 2.0, a global digital publication by LGBTQ folks of color and allies. Akilah is a former lawyer and self-taught developer who built her first Alexa skill called “Black History Everyday” at age 60.

Anna Bethke is Head of AI for Social Good at Intel. She is actively involved in the AI ethics discussion…

When Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners launched a decade ago, many speakers were excited about building apps and companies.

By 2018, we have experienced a career-defining shift in focus to stay competitive and relevant in fast-moving industries and roles. Expertise has a short shelf life in tech — we were reminded of this as our redesigned website updated with diverse speaker bios of up-and-coming technical leaders, and new job trends emerged from the decade. Here are the 6 hot jobs blazing the future of work:

[Transcript and recording from a Girl Geek Dinner in 2017, featuring a variety of engineering leaders in Silicon Valley!]

Angie Chang (Girl Geek X): Hi! My name is Angie Chang, and I am the founder of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners. Thank you for coming out! It’s our 147th Girl Geek Dinner tonight. I wanted to bring together strong engineering leaders to talk about their careers and journeys.

Sukrutha Bhadouria (Girl Geek X): Hi! I’m Sukrutha. By day I work at Salesforce as an engineering manager, and by night I show up with Angie at Bay Area Girl Geek…

Angie Chang

Founder of Girl Geek X, Women 2.0

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