Top 10 Tech Talks from ELEVATE 2022 Conference

Angie Chang
5 min readMar 11, 2022


Missed our 5th annual Girl Geek X ELEVATE Conference? You can rewatch the full-day of talks. Or, check out the highlights below as we’ve re-watched, conducted attendee surveys, and found the best sessions!

We’ve compiled the best of ELEVATE 2022 Tech Talks, from NEW TECHNOLOGY (and the latest startups), to brass tacks for ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP (for individual contributors and managers alike).

#1 — Michelle Yi, Senior Director of Applied AI at RelationalAI, talks about why knowledge is the future of data.

🎙️💻 Watch the RelationalAI session on knowledge graphs. Harnessing knowledge and data together leads teams to faster modeling and insights. In this session, she demos relational knowledge graphs. RelationalAI is hiring!

#2 — Julie Choi, Chief Growth Officer at MosaicML, in conversation with Laura Florescu, AI Researcher at MosaicML, about their unique career paths to machine learning.

🎙️💻 Watch the MosaicML session on accelerating machine learning. Laura is working on accelerating neural network training with research in natural language processing and computer vision, combining multiple algorithms to train models faster. Check out the Composer open source ML library on GitHub. MosaicML is hiring!

#3 — Izzy Clemenson, Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, talks about leading a large project as a IC, along with Tracy Stampfli, Principal Engineer at Slack.

🎙️💻 Watch the Slack session on leading a project as an engineer. The lead engineers talk about large projects they led at Slack, tips for getting stake-holder buy-in, metrics, and more. Slack is hiring!

#4 — Melissa Andrews, Sales Engineering Manager at Splunk, talks about Sales Engineering (SE) as a career for mid-career women in tech.

🎙️💻 Watch the Splunk session on how to start a Sales Engineer career. She talks about the confusing set of job titles SEs can have, the skills and activities for the role, and how to get started! Splunk is hiring!

#5 — Maria Lucena and Divya Mahajan, Directors of Architecture at Fidelity Investments, discuss AWS, GraphQL, with Apollo: Vue.JS delivering enterprise grade-applications.

🎙️💻 Watch the Fidelity session on AWS, GraphQL, with Apollo, Vue.JS. They review the architecture for a project, explaining the decision-making process behind the tech stack.

#6 — Ashu Ravichander, Principal Product Manager at Workday, builds resiliency into her professional life to successfully navigate her ups and downs.

🎙️💻 Watch the session on navigating bad mental health days in the workspace. She lays out tried-and-true toolkits, playbooks, and best practices for setting herself for success on bad mental health days to bring her best self to work, every day she needs to.

#7 — Ali Littman, Director of Engineering at Modern Health, shares scaffolding for getting promoted.

🎙️💻 Watch the session on how to get the promotion you deserve. She lays out the need for alignment with manager, understanding the career path at your company, having a growth plan, asking for regular feedback, and effectively sharing your achievements across all levels (manager, department, and company).

#8 — Jen-Mei Wu, Community Organizer and Founder, balances healthy skepticism with her excitement for the web3 opportunity to address financial inequity.

🎙️💻 Watch the session on economic justice and cryptocurrencies/web3. She reveals different ways to make a difference with a small and mighty entrepreneurial team (e.g. decentralized finance helping fund non-profits, dealing with carbon).

#9 — Arquay Harris, VP of Engineering at Webflow, asks how do you know what is the “right” decision?

🎙️💻 Watch the session on decision-making at scale. Which actions are easily reversible and which cause irreparable harm? Perfect is not the goal.

#10 — Mina Hsiang, Administrator at the United States Digital Service, and Clare Martorana, Federal CIO, discuss the challenges of government tech.

🎙️💻 Watch the USDS session on tech as a team sport. The first female Federal CIO and the first woman and first Asian-American leading the USDS are building a team transforming government services for millions by putting people at the center of everything they do. Apply to the USDS!

Check out the top 10 ways our speakers spoke about interrupting bias (this year’s #IWD2022 theme) and blazing a new path forward. 🏆

#IWD2022 #BreakTheBias Tips for interrupting bias

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Together we can forge women’s equality.

Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias. #IWD2022



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